Can I Get a Workout?

Northfield High School partners with Harry Glor and Primal Performance for improving athletic performance. 

Coach Glor group up in Boston, MA, where he was an All-League, four-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, track, and golf.  He went on to play D1AA Football at Georgetown University, while earning a B.S. in Human Science, Pre-Med.  He is certified CSCS through the NSCA and is a certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Pn1 through Precision Nutrition.

Coach Glor coaches' athletes of all ages.  He prioritizes movement quality and efficiency in the weight room and on the field, while taking a holistic approach to teaching athletes how to take care of their bodies outside of the gym.

You can reach Coach Glor for private training (while the student-athletes are not allowed to participate in team trainings).  He can be reached at or 617-548-6035.